Working with Released Prisoners

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‘Working with Released  Prisoners’ is a meticulous piece of work that is a much-needed guide for anyone who seeks to work with ex-prisoners.

Having worked with the author of this book for fourteen years within the chaplaincy department, I watched as he steadfastly collated information, identified gaps in the system, in order to halt the ‘revolving gate’ lifestyle that becomes the norm for many prisoners.

Working with men in transition from incarceration to freedom, I feel that this book has hit the nail on the head, for forethought and wisdom.  The clarity, which is the pattern throughout the writing, offers a wealth of practical, tried and tested methods that give an optimum outcome.

This book is derived not only from personal experience, but a meticulously detailed research into a subject that has haunted the writer throughout his years of working with, and caring for, ex prisoners.  His heart is in the detail.

The use of scripture throughout to illustrate the practicalities of the book means that this is a spiritual teaching as well as being informative for the reader.

The author challenges us throughout not just to be concerned for released prisoners, but to be moved to do the work the Bible teaches in difficult and challenging circumstances.

Reverend Sandie Hicks