“Worship” is now available on Amazon

Worship is now available on Amazon for £9.99 as a paperback or £4.99 as an ebook.

Go and get it!

I’m hoping this book will plug a gap in the market and enable people to enter more fully into worship.  Quite a lot of books on the subject – and there are some good ones – seem to be either practical guides or heavily autobiographical.  While these are perfectly fine, I’ve tried to provide something different – an introduction to the theology of worship.



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It was a very bright day.

Here you’ll find several books of my poems, which I hope you’ll find stimulating (you need to buy them from Smashwords! – a steal at $2.99 each).

Soon, I’ll add a book on Worship which is currently at the proof-reading stage.  At some point I plan to unleash this as an actual paper book that you can hold in your hand and throw at people who won’t listen.

In the meantime, if you need to get someone’s attention, you can email them a link. Vigorously.